1-for-1: We donate one travel-size soap to The Outreach House with every full-size soap purchase.

The Outreach House’s reason for being is simple – to provide compassionate and effective assistance to individuals and families in need with dignity and without judgment.

With your help, starting in October, Soapy Roads was able to donate 100+ bars of soap in 2022 to The Outreach House.

Did you know SNAP benefits do not cover the purchase of soap? Even though soap is an essential item for healthy living, it is classified as a toiletry and that category is not covered under this program. We’re grateful The Outreach House is a place where soap can be accessed for free. And, a thank you to our customers whose soap purchases enable us to donate on their behalf. We hope to get this donation into the thousands yearly someday. No one should be without access to a basic necessity for hygiene. It's dangerous and irresponsible as a society to have any barriers to soap and clean water. We will always provide soap to those in need through The Outreach House, Eco-Soap Bank, or email us if you're in need of a bar ([email protected]).