NEW! Make Your Own Natural Fragrance - MOBILE PERFUMERY for any event

New for Spring 2023!!

Soapy Roads presents its newest mobile-making station for your next event!! 


If you've made soap with us, you will LOVE this new, fun & ...smells SO GOOD offering.

Custom blend your very own signature scent from over 25+ different essential oils to choose from.

A truly sensory experience for those interested in the positive effects that botanicals can have on our mood & well-being...and/or, simply smell AMAZING.

Just say no to biologically and environmentally harmful synthetic fragrances. Make a plant-based perfume instead!

Choose to have your blend as one or more of the following:
-Room or yoga mat spray
-Body spray
-Roll on perfume

Contact us for pricing!!
(Pricing varies based on location, # of participants and the addition or subtraction of the educational component)
*Soapy Roads is committed to making our programs accesible for non-profits, community based organizations and groups that just do generally good stuff for the world and people around them.