Soapy Roads Handcrafted Workshops Menu

Soapy Roads offers a wide variety of all-natural, people & planet-friendly workshops. We are licensed and insured master makers who bring fun and functional programming to you and your organization.

We craft our recipes with organic ingredients wherever possible and are committed to social responsibility. Proud members of accredited, The Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild -- we're fun and serious about making better all-natural products!

Some of our workshops include:

-Natural Soap-Making 101 (most popular!)(color & scent organic melt & pour soap base with plants & clays and essential oils; ages 6-99+)

-Natural Soap-Making 102 (color & scent organic melt & pour soap base with plants & clays and essential oils + embed semi-precious gemstones while learning about the properties; ages 6-99+)

-Natural Soap-Making Advanced (hot process method from scratch using sodium hydroxide; must be 16 or older)

-Essential Oil Room Spray (crowd favorite!) (get to know the properties of natural botanical oils and how they can affect your mood & wellbeing)

-Intro to Organic Candle-Making (basics of candle pouring; waxes and wicks; history & origin)

-Natural Cleaning Products (vinegar, oils, and & essential oils make for effective and toxin-free housekeeping)

-Organic & Eco-Friendly Lipbalm & Scrubs (leave the chemicals out and receive all the benefits of organic butters & oils for your skin)

-Organic Body Scrubs (organic brown sugar base makes for an extraordinary skin-softening scrub)

-Natural Deodorant (aluminum and chemical-free)

-Decopouge Soap Bars (cut-out images/designs and adhere onto soap bars)

-Photos in Soap (embedded water soluble photographs/images/text inside clear organic vegetable glycerin soap. This can be general provided images/text or personalized. If you choose the personalized option, each student emails their personalized imagery before class and we print on special paper for them to each embed)

-Crafting with Natural Materials (avocado, oyster, and clam shell jewelry bowls; WINTER/SPRING 2023)

And, many, many more! ...wax melts, dish soap bar, laundry detergent, solid perfume, face serum & eye serum, natural makeup (blush, lipgloss, mascara), body butter, lotion, lotion bar, hand cream, hand balm, beard balm, beard oil, foot balm, clay face masks, shower steamers, bath bombs, oil face cleaner, essential oil roller, incense, bug bite cream, fabric spray, herbal tea bath, bath salts, face toner, facial spray...and, the list goes on...

Looking for a specific maker workshop not listed here? Chances are we can facilitate it!
Or, have something creative in mind, but the idea needs a little brainstorming? Message us to start collaborating!