Lippy, in color — (A-ok Alkanet)

  • Lippy, in color — (A-ok Alkanet)

If you love our soap, you have to try our Lippy’s!!

Our version of a plastic-free Burt’s Bees lip tint. These awesome lip balms soften, moisturize and protect! They’re the real deal. Lip balm connoisseurs...get one in your pocket!

Alkanet root is dark in color but goes on the perfect shade to compliment your natural lip color. It’s a natural lip color enhancer. Looks and feels amazing!

Eco-friendly cardboard tube - NET WT .39oz (more than 2x’s larger than a traditional plastic tube)!

Only 4 all-natural organic base ingredients:

Organic Beeswax - locks in moisture & provides a protective barrier, rich in vitamin A, anti-inflammatory

Organic EV Olive Oil - loaded with antioxidants, vitamin K and E

Organic Cocoa Butter - antioxidant rich, softening and protective

Organic Alkanet Root for natural lip loving color