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Organic Base Candles (Mom’s Eye Pillow)

  • Organic Base Candles (Mom’s Eye Pillow)

Smells like, …”you know exactly what this smells like…it's lavender, of course:)”

Our candles are cleaner burning than mass-produced/most store-bought candles because —

Our organic soy is pesticide-free (vegetable wax can have pesticide residue, and we don’t want to be burning that. We’d like to note this is very hard to source as ~98% of soy crops are treated with chemicals, but it was very important for us to find)

Our fragrances are always phthalate-free (we recommend always looking for fragrances without this group of chemicals)

Our wicks are lead-free (yes, some wicks contain lead, if you can believe it!)

Never any paraffin wax in our blends (paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil. It is a byproduct of the oil purification process. It’s like burning a fossil fuel in your home)

Quality candles cost more for a reason. Cheaply made candles really can pollute your indoor air and make you sick. We make our candles with your health in mind because we want you to get as much time here on planet Earth as humanly possible.

10oz glass jar with bamboo lid (~7.73oz/219.14g wax)

~60hr burn time

Made by Human Hands (sorry, robots) in Lombard, IL, 60148, USA