Lippy (original)

  • Lippy (original)
  • Lippy (original)

If you love our soap, you have to try our Lippy’s!!

Our version of a non-minty and plastic-free Burt’s Bees. These awesome lip balms soften, moisturize and protect! They’re the real deal. Lip balm connoisseurs...get one in your pocket!

Eco-friendly cardboard tube - NET WT .39oz (more than 2x’s larger than a traditional plastic tube)!

Only 3 all-natural base ingredients:

Organic Beeswax - locks in moisture & provides a protective barrier, rich in vitamin A, anti-inflammatory

Organic EV Olive Oil - loaded with antioxidants, vitamin K and E

Organic Cocoa Butter - antioxidant rich, softening and protective

Fragrance and color free!!